Hose Bib Repair

Hose bibs (hose/water spigot): the things you forget about during the winter and remember come spring and summer. These control the outflow of water to your outdoor water hose. Hose bibs serve many important purposes for keeping gardens and yards watered, cars washed, pools filled and children able to fill up their summer toys or balloons.  While hose bib leaks are usually small, they waste a large amount of water and can cause damage to the foundation of your home. Depending on the location, they can also cause interior water damage. So it’s important that if you find your hose bib leaking, you get it taken care of!

We encourage you to check your hose bib:

  1. Place your thumb over the hose bib opening (called the spigot).
  2. Turn on the water.
  3. The level of water pressure is a good way to measure if you could have a leak. If you can’t hold back the water, then it’s working just fine. However, if the water pressure is low, this could be a sign of a leak.
Hose Bib Repair

Leak Repair and Maintenance

If you detect a leak and are ready for a fix, or want a plumber to inspect for you, we’re here for you. There are frost-free hose bibs available, which prevent the bibs from freezing during the winter. Most leaks in this area are caused by hose bibs being unprotected during the winter months. We’d love to install one for you, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.