Clogged Pipes? Our Hydro-Jetter is Your New Best Friend.

Hydro Jetting Services

We not only have the equipment to show you what is going on inside of your pipes, but now our service technicians can clean them out using the Hydro-Jetter. When fats/oils/greases and other materials are not disposed of correctly, it can cause buildup within the walls of the drain pipes. If not recognized in time, it can lead to clogged pipes as well as corrosion. Like this:

With a hose the diameter of a pinky, the Hydro-Jetter goes down a drain pipe just like a snake would. The nozzle has three jets that go backward and one that goes forward. As the nozzle goes down and back up the drain, it uses water pressure to return the pipe to its original diameter. Not only can a Hydro-Jetter prevent pipe deterioration if inspected in time, but it is a powerful tool to help maintain healthy pipes.

clogged pipe

If you are experiencing slow or backed up drains, sewer odors or gurgling sounds coming from your drain pipes, with a proper inspection, our Hydro Jetting services may be right for taking care of the issue. Contact us and let’s unclog your pipes.