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Family-owned and operated, we offer personalized solutions for your residential and commercial plumbing needs. With services ranging from water heater repairs and installations to full home re-pipes.

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Water Heater Flush

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Flo by Moen Install

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Plumbers in Portland, OR

Having on-demand hot and cold water is one of the things we tend to take for granted. A nice hot shower in the morning, a cool drink of water after working in the yard, and the ability to clean the dishes after dinner. So when you no longer have hot water – or any water at all – it can bring the whole home to a screeching halt.

Family-owned and operated, we offer personalized solutions for your residential and commercial plumbing needs. With services ranging from water heater repairs and installations to full home re-pipes.

Simpson has been the local plumber of choice in Oregon since 1981. We provide Portland, OR, plumbing services for residential and commercial purposes, including water heater repair or replacement, whole-home repiping, bathroom and kitchen remodels, and more. Our team is equipped with experienced professionals who are ready to help and whose work meets all Oregon plumbing codes and specifications.

We also offer a preventative maintenance Service Plan Membership to help you take care of your home and prevent plumbing disasters. We understand how important running water is to a Portland household, especially if there’s only one bathroom and the toilet stops working. As a member, not only do you receive priority dispatching, but you have a plumber that knows your plumbing and can help avoid a toilet breakdown to begin with.

Water Heaters

Simpson Plumbing can help you find the best unit for your needs. We’ll help you find the right traditional or tankless heater based on your hot water usage, preference of power source, and budget.


Is it time to update your kitchen or bathroom? Don’t forget about the plumbing! We can move sinks, replace toilets, or rearrange the whole kitchen. We use up-to-date materials, follow best practices, and meet all Portland OR codes.

Commercial Plumbing

We work with apartment complexes, business parks, and other large-scale facilities. These jobs have their own complexities, so it’s important to work with experienced Oregon plumbing professionals that have a proven track record.

Flat-Rate Plumbing Service Pricing Means No Up-Selling

We offer upfront, flat-rate pricing on all our plumbing jobs, along with a team of highly skilled and trained technicians that will ensure your plumbing needs are taken care of.

Common Oregon Plumbing Problems

No Water Pressure: Nothing ruins the day like a small stream of water trickling out of a showerhead. There could be a leak somewhere along the line, sediment may be built up in the pipes, or there could be an issue with the water main. As your local Portland plumber, Simpson Plumbing will investigate the entire line, find the issue, and give you a competitive estimate.

Drainage Issues: Does your kitchen sink fill with greasy, dirty water when the dishwasher is running? Does it take forever for the shower to drain – or worse yet, fill up until it reaches the shower pan lip? Let Simpson Plumbing take a look. We’ll have the wastewater flowing again in no time.

Rumbling, Knocking, or Pinging Pipes: Do you hear a loud “thud” when you turn on the kitchen faucet? Is there a constant rattling when you run the water? Older plumbing may be building up pressure that has nowhere to go, rattling the pipes and creating leaks at joints.

Any leak can be a problem. If left unaddressed, even the smallest trickle of water can cause huge problems. Dry rot can jeopardize the integrity of the floor and black mold can affect the health of your home. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, contact Simpson Plumbing, your local Oregon plumbing company, today.

Your Oregon Plumber

Simpson Plumbing has been working in Portland, Oregon, and Southwest Washington for over 40 years. We are a multi-generation owned and operated company and our technicians have decades of experience.

It’s our priority to make sure our customer’s plumbing needs are taken care of efficiently, safely, and cleanly. Water is the lifeblood of any home or business, so any problems can be devastating. We understand how important it is to get your plumbing up and running again.

If you’re having issues with your pipes, need fixtures switched out, or just want to get the bathroom sink to stop dripping, contact Simpson Plumbing. Our team is dedicated to making your life easier and your plumbing affordable. That’s why so many of your neighbors have turned to us for all their plumbing needs.