Repiping Services in Vancouver, WA

Repiping is one of most extensive remodeling — or, more accurately, plumbing retrofit — projects that a homeowner or property owner can undertake. But it’s also one of the wisest, especially in older homes, since a repiping project means your older home will have new pipes that will almost certainly last another lifetime.

That’s good news. Even better news: As extensive as a repiping project sounds (after all, it takes a decent-sized network of pipes to get clean water into your home), most home repiping projects can be completed in just one or two days! You won’t even have to leave your home while work is going on (unless you want to, of course!), and plumbers should be able to restore running water to at least some parts of the house while work is going on.

What Are Repiping Plumbing Services?

As the name suggests, when plumbers repipe your home, they replace existing incoming-water pipes — either metallic (galvanized steel, iron, or copper) or nonmetallic (PVC, CPVC or PE) — with new hot and cold water pipes.

By the way, PVC is unplasticized polyvinylchloride; CPVC is chlorinated polyvinyl chloride; PE is polyethylene.

There’s also PEX, or cross-linked polyethylene. (The more you know … !)

When customers inquire about a repiping job, it’s typically because something somewhere has sprung a leak. Rather than simply trying to patch up the leak, it’s often a better idea to repipe the whole house. This is because when older pipes begin to fail, they can often cause a chain reaction of failures down the line. So, instead of fixing the problem piecemeal (which can end up costing a fortune), it’s usually better and more economical to replace the whole system.

Note: There are two systems that serve most residential homes connected to a city’s water and sewer supply lines: The system that brings clean drinking water into the home, and the one that drains wastewater away from the house. The highly skilled plumbers at Simpson Plumbing are qualified to handle both systems for residential and commercial properties.

Simpson Plumbing is Your Repipe Specialist

Simpson Plumbing was established in 1981, and since that time, we’ve been providing quality plumbing work for our Vancouver and Clark County neighbors. In addition to our superb plumbing work, we stress customer service, up-front pricing, and simple values, such as honesty, integrity, and friendliness. We are also Repipe Specialists certified and are proud to offer our services. 

Our service area has grown, but our commitment to our foundational principles remains steadfast.

Contact Simpson Plumbing today at 360-834-5311, and let us come out to your home to give you a free estimate — and some helpful advice — on the possibility of a complete home repiping project.

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