Leaking Shower Head

Do you have a shower head that continues to trickle even after you’re done? While this small annoyance may be easy to put off, the waste and additional expense on your bill can add up. If you have a shower leak you just can’t fix yourself, it’s a repair we are happy to perform. In fact, we’ll likely be in and out of your hair in no time.

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Below is a list of common problems associated with shower fixtures that Simpson Plumbing techs fix/install routinely. Don’t see your needs listed? Don’t worry, we’ve seen pretty much everything in over 30 years of business and will take care of your plumbing issues quickly and efficiently.

  • Leaking shower head
  • Tub spout is dripping
  • Tub/diverter spout leaks water by or doesn’t divert water to the shower head.
  • Drain is leaking
  • Water is coming from your ceiling near your upstairs bathroom. This typically is the shower strainer that is leaking and causing water to drip into your downstairs. Early warning signs are sheetrock discoloring or sagging for this type of leak. Delays in fixing this problem could cause major issues due to mold and warping. Other issues may be that there are cracks in your tile or grout.
  • Crack in the fiberglass of the tub or shower.
  • Loose tub overflow or stopper.
  • Clogged tub or shower drains
  • Sheetrock behind valve or head is discoloring or soft


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