Slab Leak Repair

While the phrase “home slab leak” may not be well-known to people outside the plumbing industry, it’s a problem that is all too common. If you see signs water leaks, such as discoloration in the floor or walls, or your water bill is higher than you think it should be, you may be dealing with this exact problem. Don’t delay, or you may be dealing a much more costly structural problem if water is allowed to continue its destructive ways!

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Slab leaks most often occur when leaks form in the water pipes under your home’s foundation or when leaks form in the actual concrete slab the home is resting on. Simpson Plumbing has the experience you need to offer the right approach for your slab repair needs. While it is uncommon, we can also do a slab replacement when it has been damaged beyond repair.

How do slab leaks happen?

What causes these expensive problems in the first place? Slab leaks usually stem from corrosion forming in the pipes from certain chemicals found in soil or normal wear and tear. It’s crucial that you get an expert opinion if you suspect a slab leak. These issues in the home can quickly transform from a small headache to a costly problem worth thousands of dollars. Ignoring needed repairs can result in severe water damage or a complicated mold problem inside the home.

Our plumbers use advanced leak detection equipment that helps us zero in on the problem and put together a plan for how to remedy the situation. All the work will be done while leaving the rest of your property as it was before we began.

Hire a professional plumber

Are you suspicious of a slab leak? Even if the evidence is slim, you may be better off having experts inspect the scene to give you peace of mind. Contact Simpson Plumbing today for a free estimate.


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