Tub and Shower Leaks Repair

It’s just a little leak we think… Well, if there’s one thing to know about plumbing, it’s that leaks are never a good sign no matter how big or small. Drips are the first place to start.

Signs of Tub and Shower Leaks

  1. If you have water dripping from the shower head, it is usually a sign of a leak in the shower valve. Over time, the O-Ring gets worn which causes particles to clog up the spray holes. Cleaning the shower head to remove the deposits is a good place to start. And if the O-Ring is hard, replacing it might solve the issue.
  2. Watch out for musty odors, damp spots on the floor, walls or ceiling. Those are big signs of something gone wrong. We would be more than happy to locate the root of the issue for you (as there are multiple causes).
  3. If you have water on the floor after showering or taking a bath, check the caulking along the shower door, or bathtub. The caulking might be old and cracked and allow water to pass through, causing the leak.
Dripping Shower Head

Regular maintenance from a plumber will help to minimize the effects of aging plumbing. Our team is trained and knows exactly what to look for in order to spot and prevent potential issues.  Call Simpson Plumbing today.