Water Pipe Leaks

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A seemingly small leak can waste a lot of water, money and potentially damage your home and property. Water pipes can leak due to a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons are as simple as temperature change. If pipes are exposed and not insulated they are vulnerable to heat and cold, as well as quick temperature changes. When that happens, the pipe can crack or burst and cause a leak. During the winter weather months some pipes may freeze causing them to contract. When water comes through, the pipe expands and forms a crevice, which then can turn into a crack later on. Other reasons include: clogged pipes, roots growing in the pipe, corrosion, ground settling or shifting and there are many more. All of these can damage the pipe from the inside out and from the outside in.

patch a leaky pipeListening to your water pipes is the best way to recognize if there’s a leak or not. And doing so may prevent dealing with bigger issues later! If you hear a rumbling noise or a woosh sound, that may be indicative of a leak. Air gaps from the leaks can create a number of sounds. We also recommend that you keep an eye on your water bill and check on your meter periodically. If you see a spike in your bill, or see that your meter is spinning with the water shut off, that is a signal that water is leaking out. Or, maybe you’re already acquainted with the leak and need a plumber, fast. Well, Simpson Plumbing is ready to send out experienced technicians your way, with equipment to find exactly where it is and take care of the problem.