Water Service Installation

Need a fix? Give us a call.

When repair of an existing water service isn’t feasible or cost effective and new installation is needed, trust Simpson Plumbing to get the job done right!

We install new water services, mostly via trenchless boring, which means we basically drill a hole underground with help from a big machine and then we pull the new water pipe back. This typically eliminates extensive digging and cuts back on landscape interruption.

Simpson Plumbing will set up the whole process to get it done making it a painless and stress-free event for you.

The steps below are what you can expect after an appointment is set up.

  1. Locates are called in to mark the ground for power, gas, cable, etc.
  2. Permits are pulled so you know that the job will be completed up to code without legal complications. (This also helps if you are trying to get a credit from the water company.)
  3. Job will be completed in an expedited and professional matter — typically within a few hours.
  4. After final connections, we will flush out a couple of fixtures within the house (when accessible) to blow out air within the lines and check water flow.
  5. A city or county inspector will be called in to verify all work done within the week.

Sometimes trenchless boring doesn’t work due to rocky or impassible ground conditions. If this is the case, don’t worry; we can still install it with manual or machine-driven trenching methods.

We use high quality poly pipe for our water service installation that we’ve used on thousands of houses with no issues. But for greater peace of mind, ask about our 25-year limited warranty Zurn PEX pipe.


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