About Simpson Plumbing

Simpson Plumbing LLC was born out of founder Dale Simpson’s passion and commitment to providing quality plumbing work in Vancouver, Camas, and the surrounding Southwest Washington area. The foundation of his philosophy is simple: Give customers the results they expect and deserve at a fair and ethical rate.

Founded in 1981, Simpson Plumbing LLC spent its first year in Portland, Oregon, before relocating to Camas, Washington. Through the years, Dale and his wife, Lori, methodically grew the company’s reputation for quality work, integrity, and pricing that are second to none. It’s these simple values that have kept the company thriving for almost 40 years.

In 2001, Simpson Plumbing brought in a third family member: Dale’s son, Brad, who learned the skills of the plumbing trade and is now continuing the tradition begun by his parents.

As the service area has grown with new residents over the years, so too has Simpson Plumbing, helping thousands of satisfied commercial and residential plumbing customers in Southwest Washington.

That service extends to volunteering in the local community. For example, Simpson Plumbing had a team day on Oct. 5, 2018. One group went to downtown Camas and picked up trash before heading to a nonprofit charitable organization, the Inter-Faith Treasure House, in Washougal. At the same time, another group went to the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society, where they shoveled gravel and took a bunch of items to the dumpster.

And this year, Simpson Plumbing received an award from Nextdoor, winning favorite plumber in several Nextdoor neighborhoods in Camas, WA, including Westridge. It was very exciting to be listed among other wonderful businesses in the area, such as Powell’s City of Books and the Vancouver Farmers Market. Thank you to all who voted for Simpson Plumbing. It is much appreciated!

Meet the Staff

dale simpson of simpson plumbing

Dale Simpson – President

Journeyman Plumber, License # SIMPSDE166DA

Dale has worked the plumbing trade for 40 years, serving the Camas, Washougal and Vancouver areas since 1981. This level of experience has brought him an expertise that gives him the ability to take on nearly every imaginable home or commercial plumbing project presented to him.

Dale also has a passion for hunting and fishing, but nothing matches the joy his family brings him. Dale has been married to his wife Lori for 30 years, and has enjoyed raising their three wonderful children (Bryan, Brad, and Katie), and their four grandchildren (Aurora, Ethan, Hayden and Hunter).

brad simpson of simpson plumbing

Brad Simpson – Vice President

Residential Specialty, License # SIMPSBM011NC

Brad’s interest in the plumbing profession started early, with memories of helping his father run water piping under houses at the age of 7 (under the strict supervision of Dale, of course). Over the years, his plumbing knowledge grew under the tutelage of his father, who handed down the values of hard work and the skills needed for professional plumbing installation. Brad holds those lessons close to his heart and always strives to be better and give his customers the best service, value, and experience possible.

Brad is married and a proud parent of his beautiful daughter, Hayden. He too has a passion for fishing, particularly for sturgeon. He currently serves on the GSPN staff at Grace Foursquare Church in Camas, a sports ministry dedicated to showing the love of Jesus Christ through sports.

Our Plumbers

kent simpson of simpson plumbing


Kent has been with Simpson Plumbing since May 2018 and in the plumbing trade for over 20 years now. He decided to go into plumbing due to his mechanical inclination and came into it quite naturally. His favorite thing about the job, as he said, is “good, nice customers.” Kent loves to work and cook. He really enjoys Mexican food and cooking it even more so. Says he makes really good carne asada!

Kenny - Simpson Plumbing Plumber


Kenny has been working in the plumbing industry for 15 years and has been with us since March 2019. His favorite aspect of the job is fixing what other people can’t. And he just really loves helping people. One of the “stickiest” situations Kenny has been in was unclogging a toilet where a kid stuffed a 6- to 8-inch stick. The father asked the child, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier that it was a stick?” — to which he replied, “You never asked.” Kenny’s hobbies are mining and working on his motorcycle. Lastly, his favorite food is “hot and free,” but he particularly enjoys barbecue. 

christian, plumber at simpson plumbing


Christian has been with Simpson Plumbing since May 2017. He moved to Washington from Montana after being offered a plumbing apprenticeship here. His favorite thing about plumbing is that it’s outside and hands on. Photography and working on cars are Christian’s top two hobbies. He likes Italian food and burgers.

Jason, plumber at simpson plumbing


Jason has been with Simpson Plumbing since February 2018 and got into the plumbing trade after having a child. He really values the financial opportunities of the job. The funniest thing Jason has seen on the job was Bob telling Chad “waaaaa” (our plumbers, ladies and gentlemen). His favorite hobbies include poker and watching UFC. He loves spaghetti, chicken parmesan, and chicken. He’s on the Italian food train.

chris at simpson plumbing llc


Chris has officially been on the team since August 2018 but had worked in plumbing before then. He decided to go into the plumbing trade because he likes working with his hands and figuring out the challenges that come with plumbing. Fun fact: He has almost no sense of smell. (Isn’t that handy in some cases?) Chris enjoys snowboarding and playing/coaching football. His favorite food is steak and reubens. 

Our Office Ladies

beth anderson of simpson plumbing


Beth has been with us since December 2017, and we would not be where we are without her! She is the office manager for both Simpson Plumbing LLC and S&S Construction, which keeps her hands full. She basically does everything except plumbing. Beth enjoys the responsibility and the fact that there is lots to do and work is never the same. Her hobbies are working and spending time with family. And lastly, her favorite food is seafood.

cheri simpson of simpson plumbing


Cheri has been with us since May 2018 and is responsible for answering phone calls, dispatching service workers, and doing some office work. Her favorite aspect of the job is working with Beth. And she values the consistent work schedule, and positive office environment. Her hobbies include going to the coast and reading in her spare time. Cheri’s top food of choice is Mexican.

portrait of simpson plumbing team member Marianna


Marianna has been with Simpson Plumbing since July 2018. She manages social media on top of operating other marketing channels. Her favorite part about the job is being creative and connecting with people. Her hobbies include taking walks, spending time with family/friends, and much more. Last but not least, cheese and bread are her favorites. As she said, “I could eat that forever!”