About Simpson Plumbing

Simpson Plumbing was created and founded by Dale Simpson’s passion and commitment to providing quality plumbing work in Vancouver, Camas, and Portland Oregon areas. The foundation of his philosophy is simple: Give customers the results they expect and deserve at a fair and ethical rate.

Founded in 1981, Simpson Plumbing LLC spent its first year in Portland, Oregon, before relocating to Camas, Washington where the business has grown and developed further. In 2001, Simpson Plumbing brought in a third family member: Dale’s son, Brad, who learned the skills of the plumbing trade and is now continuing the tradition begun by his parents. Growing the company and increasing value brought to customers, Simpson Plumbing is truly the local plumber of Camas with a history.

More Than Just Another Plumbing Company

The company has made it a priority to not only solve plumbing problems but help customers take care of their plumbing and home. Doing so with educational pieces on social media, their website, and during service calls.

As the service area has grown with new residents over the years, so too has Simpson Plumbing, helping thousands of satisfied residential plumbing customers in Southwest Washington. Many of whom are not just customers but feel like a part of the Simpson Plumbing family.

That service extends to volunteering in the local community. Giving back is an essential part of the business. That’s why Simpson Plumbing has chosen to donate company time and resources to help the local Camas/Washougal community.

Simpson Plumbing received the “Neighborhood Favorite” award in 2017,  2018, 2022 and 2023 from Nextdoor and is proud to be BBB Accredited with an A+ rating. The company is highly rated on Google, Home Advisor, and other platforms.

Dale at Simpson Plumbing

Dale Simpson – Founder

Journeyman Plumber, License # SIMPSDE166DA

Dale has worked the plumbing trade for 40 years, serving the Camas, Washougal and Vancouver areas since 1981. This level of experience has brought him an expertise that gives him the ability to take on nearly every imaginable home or commercial plumbing project presented to him.

Dale also has a passion for hunting and fishing, but nothing matches the joy his family brings him. Dale has been married to his wife Lori for over 30 years, and has enjoyed raising their three wonderful children (Bryan, Brad, and Katie). He enjoys his days fishing (and lots of it), hunting, taking care of the shop and being a grandfather to his six grandchildren.

Beth at Simpson Plumbing

Beth Anderson – Owner

President & General Manager

Beth is the Owner, President and General Manager of Simpson Plumbing LLC, with over 30 years of experience under belt. She basically does everything except plumbing so it’s safe to say her hands are always full. Beth enjoys the responsibility as well as the variety of work. She loves gardening on her beautiful property and spending time with family. Lastly, her favorite food is seafood.

Brad Simpson – Co Owner

Journeyman Plumber, License #SIMSBM823KA

Brad’s interest in the plumbing profession started early, with memories of helping his father run water piping under houses at the age of 7 (under the strict supervision of Dale, of course). Over the years, his plumbing knowledge grew under the tutelage of his father, who handed down the values of hard work and the skills needed for professional plumbing installation. He loves the outdoors and spends his leisure time fishing, boating, and playing volleyball.

Meet The Plumbers

Kent at Simpson Plumbing


Since May 2018 / 30 Years of Experience

Kent decided to go into plumbing due to his mechanical inclination and came into it quite naturally. His favorite thing about the job is “good, nice customers.” Kent loves to work and cook. He really enjoys Mexican food and cooking it even more so. Says he makes really good carne asadas!

Kenny at Simpson Plumbing


Since March 2019 / 20 Years of Experience / Senior Technician & Training Specialist.

Kenny began his plumbing career as a drain technician and eventually went on to do service work. It’s hard to say whether Kenny found plumbing or plumbing found him, but we’re fortunate it did. As Kenny says “I have the greatest career ever, traveling home to home helping neighbors solve their plumbing needs”. His hobbies include motorcycles and aquariums. Lastly, his favorite foods are newly found recipes prepared at home with his family.


Since May 2022 / Field Supervisor & Relations Specialist
Drew has a background in sales and management, and began plumbing when he decided he wanted to do hands on work and something that would give a lasting sense of accomplishment . He started off in new construction residential and commercial plumbing. Once he discovered he enjoyed trouble shooting, he transitioned into service. Drew enjoys outdoor activities with his family including hiking, camping, mountain biking, etc. As far as food goes, anything spicy is Drew’s kind of meal.
professional plumber


Since February 2018

Jason joined the plumbing trade after becoming a father. He really values the financial opportunities of the job. His favorite hobbies include playing poker and watching UFC. He loves spaghetti, chicken parmesan, and just chicken in general. He’s definitely on the Italian food train.


Donald at Simpson Plumbing


Since January 2021 / JM Foreman
Donald began plumbing when his family moved back to Washington state from Alaska. He chose plumbing as a career because there would always be a market for it and he could work on the side for friends and family. His favorite thing about plumbing is helping the younger/new guys who are getting into the trade. Donald is a huge outdoorsmen. Hunting, fishing, camping, anything outdoors is his passion, “work is just a great way to pay for my hobbies” as he says. And his favorite food “besides all of them”, is BBQ!


Since May 2022
Dru comes from a diverse background of jobs including finish carpentry, welding, roofing, and a few more. He got into plumbing because he was looking for a long time hands on career instead of just remedial dead end jobs. Dru’s main hobbies are lifting weights and watching his kids play sports. His favorite food is steak!


Since August 2022

Mickey began his plumbing career in 1995, moved to Minnesota in 2008 for a year and then came back and resumed plumbing in 2010. He enjoys sand railing and wood working. Mickey is an avid pepsi drinker and is a steak and potatoes kind of guy.

Simpson team member Jeff


Since August 2022

Jeff was born and raised and has been plumbing for the past 8 years. He enjoys anything basketball related, whether it’s playing, watching or discussing it. Along with cooking and playing video games. Jeff’s favorite foods are Chinese and Thai.

Meet The Estimators


Director & Commercial Division Estimator/Project Coordinator / Since August 2022

Victor was born and raised in Camas, WA. He has been an Owner/Operator of a family owned Plumbing Company founded by his father for the past 21 years until joining Simpson Plumbing in 2022. He has also been a Professional Firefighter for the past 23 years. Victor and his family enjoy traveling on vacation to new places, hunting and fishing, backpacking and RV camping. His favorite food would have to be pizza and an occasional snickers bar.


Commercial Estimator / Since September 2022

Jerry has a background in plumbing, estimates and project management. He’s also been a commercial builder, estimator and project lead for quite some time. Jerry’s favorite activities include riding qauds, building and playing with R.C cars with his kids and spending time with his family. Whether it be going out, shopping, events, travel or just staying home watching movies. His top foods are porterhouse steaks and pizza.

Meet Support



Since June 2021

Nhat has worked in warehouses to management, changing lives along the way by teaching people how to live healthy and strong. He continues to do that part time as he works here. Nhat enjoys helping people with their personal home environment by supporting important plumbing projects. His hobbies are working out, cooking, music and archery. And for food, his top three include sushi, bbq, and Pho.


Since February 2022

Hunter decided to go into plumbing because he wanted a challenge, to work hard and join an awesome crew. He enjoys hunting, fishing, shooting guns, playing video games, football and spending time with family. Hunter’s favorite food is buffalo chicken pení.


Since March 2022

Arcey loves the plumbing trade and believes it’s a great career with many opportunities. He is an outdoor enthusiast and loves snowboarding, hiking, swimming, rollerblading, you name it! His favorite food is waffles and french fries.

Simpson team member Greg


Since July 2022
Greg worked in the food/beverage industry for about 12-13 yrs in several kitchens. If he were to pick a lesson he took from working in the kitchens, applicable to  it would be attention to detail which easily translates in to plumbing. Make it nice or make it twice! His hobbies include fishing, disc golf, and barbecuing. Last but not least, Greg’s favorite food is South Texas Barbecue.


Since September 2022

Ashton is well traveled and has a diverse background of working in grocery, food, automotive and floor work industry. He loves to play video games, travel, and anything to do with the outdoors. Seriously; snowboarding, camping, hanging by the river, fishing etc. Lastly, Ashton’s favorite food is authentic Italian Alfredo.

Meet Operations

Kevin at Simpson Plumbing


Warehouse & Field Support / Since January 2021

Kevin has been in construction for 30 years, bringing valuable experience and skills to the table. His favorite part of the job is the freedom to make his schedule. He feels as if he’s self-employed. Kevin enjoys hunting and fishing. And his favorite food is hot dogs. 



Logistics & Operations Manager / Since March 2021

Joe is our Logistics and Operations Manager, who is responsible for managing inventory, shop, company fleet and safety compliance.  His favorite part of the job is the opportunity to bring his skillset to a growing company while working with an amazing group of people. Joe enjoys spending time with family and friends sharing great food and wine! Along with a number of outdoor activities. As for his favorite food, he has a very specific menu : dry aged NY strip with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus, glass of 10 yr. Chimney Rock Cabernet Sauvignon and watermelon.

Scott at Simpson Plumbing


Warehouse & Field Support / Since April 2021

Scott joined us to help maintain the shop, vehicles and more after hearing about Simpson Plumbing through his friend Kevin. Previously a bartender of 25 years, he decided it was time to try something new. His favorite part of the job is the people he works with. Scott’s hobbies include hiking, camping and target shooting. And lastly, his food of choice is cake.

Shannon at Simpson Plumbing


Since July 2020

After learning about computer repair, Shannon became a Powder Coat Technician and found a passion for labor. He loves learning how to take things apart and put them back together the right way, and in turn felt like plumbing is a great outlet for that process. His hobby continues to be working with computers and his favorite food is steak and mashed potatoes; a timeless classic.

Our Office Ladies

Cheri at Simpson Plumbing


Office Manager / Since May 2018

Cheri is our Office Manager with over 16 years of experience, and is a great asset to the company. Her favorite part of the job is that there’s never a dull moment! She also values a consistent work schedule and a positive office environment. Her hobbies include going to the coast, making board games and spending time with family. Cheri’s top food of choice is Mexican.

Marianna at Simpson Plumbing


Social Media Specialist / Since July 2018

Marianna is the company’s social media specialist; she manages social media and other marketing related tasks. She joined the company while still in Washington State University, and continued after graduating. Her favorite part about the job is flexibility and being creative. She enjoys reading, walks, and spending time with family/friends. As for food, she could live off of bread and cheese!

Stimpson Plumbing team member Marianna


Customer Service & Dispatch Manager / Since September 2020

Denise is Simpson Plumbing’s Customer Service and Dispatch Manager. She’s been in the customer service industry for over 22 years and loves to grow, learn and challenge herself. We’re very glad to have her a part of the team. Her hobbies include camping, kayaking, hiking, and really anything outside! As for her favorite food, Denise loves a good pepper bacon burger.


Repipe and Construction Admin / Since May 2021

Before joining Simpson Plumbing, Kristina was a parts manager at a local diesel mechanic shop with many years of admin experience. We’re glad to have someone like her dedicated to working with our repipe team. Kristina’s hobbies include cooking, exercising (researching new workouts) and being involved in high school basketball. While she enjoys many different foods, her overall favorite is sushi.


Payroll, Benefits and Wellness Specialist / Since May 2021

As the title suggests, Skyler takes care of many important components of our company! She has a background in exercise and health which is super helpful for everyone. Her hobbies include hiking, powerlifting, yoga, cooking and baking, and going to festivals. Last but not least, Skyler’s favorite food is between pasta and Indian specifically from Hat Yai in Portland!

Simpson team member Victoria


Commercial Division Specialist / Since August 2022
Victoria is our Commercial Division Specialist. Her whole working career has been in customer service at a variety of companies. She has spent the last five years running her brother’s plumbing business before joining us. Victoria enjoys spending time working in the yard/garden and playing with her Dogs andDwarf Goats. She would spend all her time with her 9 Grandkids if possible! Lastly, her favorite food is anything with caramel on it.

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