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In some ways, we take our plumbing for granted: We just expect the water to flow when we turn the faucet on. Unfortunately, when there’s an issue with the plumbing, you may not know until after the damage has been done. That’s why a Flo by Moen installation can help protect the biggest investment many of us will ever have.

When you think of problems with your plumbing, you think of a clogged toilet or water spraying out of the kitchen faucet. But the smallest water leaks in the walls or ceilings can do the most damage. A slow drip for a month or two can lead to mold, mildew, structural damage, and more.

A Flo by Moen water gauge is a great way to monitor your water pressure, see flow rates, check for leaks, and more. Even though there are initial costs for a Flo by Moen installation, it can prevent problems and save you thousands of dollars and repair time.

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Install Flo by Moen for Peace of Mind

If you want to help prevent water damage in your home, when you’re there or away, consider a Flo by Moen installation. We are big advocates of the Flo by Moen device because we believe preventing disasters is part of caring for your home.

Flo by Moen helps prevent all kinds of water damage to your plumbing, including shower, sink, pipe leaks, and more. It monitors all water activity and will notify you if it senses abnormalities. Should there be a major problem, or a leak that could cause one, it will shut the water off automatically.

The equipment itself is really pretty compact, although it will need access to a power supply. Also, for immediate feedback on your water supply, you will need a Wi-Fi connection. If there is an issue with water usage or other problem, Flo by Moen will send messages to the Moen app on your phone or other devices.

Once you install Flo by Moen, it can take up to 10 days for the leak detection water monitor to relay consistent information. It needs this time to learn how much water is being used on a consistent basis so it knows when there is a possible issue.

For example, if you leave for a week-long vacation after the Flo by Moen installation, it will think you use very little water. Once you return, it will need to recalibrate to the actual water usage. However, once it has that information, the system will be a great addition to your smart home system.

Simpson Plumbing, a Preferred Flo by Moen Installation Expert

Once you are up and running, you will open the app and give your system profile information. It will need to know if this is a primary residence or vacation home, how many people are in the family, how many bathrooms, and so on. It will even ask what kind of pipes are used in your plumbing (galvanized pipe, copper, Pex, etc.).

While Flo By Moen installation can be performed by the homeowner, it’s recommended to have a professional take care of the job. Whenever you cut the pipe for the main water supply into your home, you need to be extremely careful. Ensuring the equipment connection is then watertight is a necessity as well.

The device will be placed after the water meter, main water shutoff valve, and pressure-reducing valve. If you are unsure where to find these areas, or what the valves look like, it’s best to use an expert for your Flo by Moen installation.

Simpson Plumbing is proud to be a Preferred Flo Installer. Our team has been certified to install Flo by Moen smart water devices to those purchasing through their Insurance, Flo Technologies directly, or us. If you are buying through Flo Technologies, your process will look like this.

We’re happy to be of service to anyone interested in the Flo device. You can give us a call to schedule an appointment for your Flo install. In addition to Flo by Moen installation, we offer a full range of other plumbing services as well. For more info about Flo or any other plumbing question, reach out to Simpson Plumbing.

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