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“Simpson Plumbing is fantastic! We had busted a water line off on a wall and flooded the whole house, and Brad came in to repair all the plumbing. The same thing happened in our bathroom, and he came and fixed that, too.

Brad has also fixed the plumbing under the bathroom, as well. We had him come out to hook all that up, just to make sure it was done right the first time, and he did it, and it was fantastic. He also gave us an absolutely fantastic price.

I have recommended Simpson Pluming to many of our friends, as well. Brad was very professional. It was a job well done. He was very efficient, and it was just fantastic.”

— Crystal P. in Vancouver, WA

“Simpson Plumbing replaced three aging toilets and one sink for our bathrooms. Dale, Brad, and their crew did an excellent job. One of the water tanks came with factory defects and they remedied the situation in a professional and speedy manner. They respected our house by keeping the work area clean and tidy.”

— Anne Y. in Camas, WA

“Simpson Plumbing LLC. has very good prices. I like that they will bill me rather than having to pay right away. I am a landlord, so I may be away at work, but he will go take care of it all and then bill me. Other plumbing services won’t do that, and other prices do not compare.

Simpson Plumbing LLC is honest, too. They had one situation where they came out, evaluated everything, and didn’t charge me for it. I would definitely recommend them. I have been using them for about six months. I first used them in my own home, and then started using them for rentals.”

— Roy H. in Vancouver, WA

“Kent and Kenny were awesome! So friendly. Very knowledgeable. I like that Kent explained everything to me in detail and he actually saved me some money because they did such a fantastic job! Great representation of the company! Thanks guys!!!”

— Madeline B. in Vancouver, WA

“Love Simpson Plumbing! Been using them for years!”

— Alex R. in Camas, WA

“Thank you Simpson Plumbing for getting back to me on arranging an appointment on my plumbing problem so quickly.Your service guy Kent was so nice and patiently listened to my dilemma and handled the problem with ease. It means a lot to work with people who care. Very satisfied.”

— Sandra G. in Camas, WA

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