Special Offers

If you’re buying/moving into an older home, it is important that you consider getting a video inspection (aka pipeline video inspection/sewer scope). The purpose is to inspect the pipes leading to your sewer. If the home is old, the sewer pipes can be clogged, rusted, have tree roots growing in them, etc. which could result in an expensive repair after you buy or move in. Having a technician conduct a video inspection, will allow you to see exactly what’s in the pipes and identify what needs to be done if there is an issue. So to help you take care of this, we’re offering $50 OFF a video inspection. Please call (360) 229-7535 to schedule with us.

And needless to say, water heaters are home essentials and something we can’t live without. One of the best ways to prolong the life and health of your water heater, is to have it flushed. And if your water heater is showing signs of it reaching maximum capacity, then it’s probably time to consider a replacement.

We’re here to help you take care of your home. That begins with ensuring that you have hot water whenever you need! Please call (360) 342-9288 to use either of the offers listed on the coupon or if you have any questions. You can learn about our membership here.


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