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hydro jetting servicesHigh-Pressure Water Jetting Services

After years of use, kitchen and bathroom drains can get stopped up with all manners of debris. Once clogged, wastewater backs up into the sink, causing an awful mess. In most cases, the major blockage can be removed with a plumbing snake, but the sludge developing on the pipe walls is left behind.

Additionally, improper use of plumbing snakes especially when dealing with galvanized pipes, can damage the pipes from the inside, leading to small cracks that eventually turn into big problems. If you’re having continual problems with drainage, either in your home or business, Simpson Plumbing offers hydro-jetting services to get the water flowing again.

High-Pressure Water Jetting Services

When fats/oils/greases and other materials are not disposed of correctly, it can cause buildup within the walls of the drain pipes. If not recognized in time, it can lead to clogged pipes as well as corrosion. If you’ve ever experienced a backed-up sink, you know how it can really throw a kink into daily activities.

Simpson Plumbing already has the equipment to inspect your plumbing systems to see what the problem is. Our sewer scope is designed to enter your drain pipes and take a video of what’s affecting your system. Then, our service technicians can quickly and safely clean things out using our Hydro-Jetter.

Inspecting the line before using the hydro-jetter lets us know exactly what we’re dealing with. For example, if the cause of the drainage issue is a collapsed line, our hydro-jetting services will only make the situation worse. Depending on the age of the pipes and their condition, hydro-jetting may be too powerful to use as well.

Hydro-jetting services are also an environmentally friendly option. Instead of dumping harsh chemicals (which we strongly recommend against) into the clogged drain and hoping that does the job, our hydro-jetter drain services deliver immediate results.

State of The Art Drain Cleaning Power

With a hose the diameter of a pinky, the Hydro-Jetter goes down a drain pipe just like a snake would. The nozzle has three jets that go backward and one that goes forward. As the nozzle goes down and back up the drain, it uses a highly pressurized stream of water to return the pipe to its original diameter.

Not only can a Hydro-Jetter prevent pipe deterioration if inspected in time, but it is a powerful tool to help maintain healthy pipes. It’s an excellent alternative for clearing sewer pipes of tree roots, too. Why damage drain or sewer lines with an overly-aggressive piece of equipment when it can be done with water?

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Water Jetting Services in Vancouver and Camas, WA, and Portland Oregon

Experiencing slow or backed-up drain lines, sewer odors, or gurgling sounds coming from your drain pipes? Our Hydro Jetting services may be right for taking care of the issue. We’ll perform a thorough inspection of your line to make sure hydro-jetting is the right solution.

In addition to hydro-jetting clogged plumbing systems, Simpson Plumbing also provides repair services for leaks, broken pipes, and other issues with your plumbing. If you’re planning a home remodel, we also perform whole-home repipes, change the locations of your fixtures, and add new plumbing where needed. Contact us today for an estimate. Click here to learn more about our service areas:

Hydro Jetting Services Vancouver, WA

Hydro Jetting Services Camas, WA

Hydro Jetting Services Portland, OR


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