Budgeting for a Kitchen Remodel

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kitchen remodel budget

Count on two things when you remodel a kitchen. First, you’ll suffer during construction. Second, once the dust clears, you’ll be much happier with your kitchen. To minimize the first and maximize the second, make a budget.

kitchen remodel budget

Budgeting is an obvious first step, but many people neglect the details. Knowing how much and where you’ll spend your dollars takes some of the stress and uncertainty out of your project.

Here’s what you need to consider when you’re budgeting for a kitchen remodel:

Decide How Much You’ll Spend

Homeadvisor.com estimates the average kitchen remodel around in a Pacific Nortwest City is around $16,000. You can spend less or much more. Once you decide on a budget, stick to it. Use these three criteria to set the project’s costs:

  1. Don’t spend more than you can afford. This is a no-brainer, but it takes discipline not to get swept up in a vortex of rising costs.
  2. Will you be moving soon? If you’re planning on selling your house in a few years, think of the remodel as an investment. Consider the remodel from a prospective buyer’s point of view. Don’t spend more than you think you can get back.
  3. Consider home values in the neighborhood. If you’re going to resell, make improvements that make sense for your neighborhood. Adding luxury features to a home in a middle-class area might not make economic sense. Buyers looking in your neighborhood won’t be able to meet the extra cost of high-end features.

Budget for the Unexpected

Many experts recommend designating 20 percent of a remodel budget for unplanned expenses. It’s common to find surprises once demolition begins. Rotting floor boards, bad wiring or out-of-date plumbing may emerge once you start taking out appliances and walls.

Prioritize Your Wish List

Most people have a “must” list and a “want” list. Before you hire a contractor, make a prioritized list of the items or changes you want. Things that add function, style and value should be at the top. These high-priority “musts” could be such things as a new countertop, floor or sink. Lower down might be decorative upgrades. Include estimated costs for each item. Organize your list into a spreadsheet that you can update as work progresses.

Budget for a Temporary Relocation

Depending on your living situation, you may need to find temporary digs. You can save money by staying at home and setting up a temporary kitchen in another room. However, if your remodel is extensive and requires shutting off the water, gas and electricity, plan to stay elsewhere. Living in a construction zone is stressful. Estimate the cost of food and lodging and add it to your budget.

Get Bids From Contractors

Kitchen remodels with their complex mix of plumbing and appliances require an experienced contractor. Meet with and get estimates from several professionals. Check references. Look for someone with whom you have a good rapport. The planning and budgeting you’ve done will help you communicate your vision for your kitchen.

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