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Hybrid water heaters, also known as heat pumps, offer the greatest energy efficiency out of the water heating models we provide. Heat pumps differ from conventional water heaters in how they produce heat. While electric units generate heat, hybrid models pull in air and compress it to create heat. After the compressor is finished, the heat is moved to the tank and warms up the water.


Hybrid Water Heater Recommendation

At Simpson Plumbing, we recommend the Rheem Prestige Hybrid water heater for a number of reasons. This model comes with a 10-year warranty, and while these water heaters are virtually maintenance-free, it will likely be covered if something goes wrong. Plus, overnight delivery is available for most warranty parts so you can get your home back in working order in no time.

In addition, the Prestige model is ideally suited for the mild, rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest. With this heat pump, youโ€™ll never run out of hot water because it has a backup system. When the surrounding air becomes too cold, an electric heater activates and produces hot water to ensure youโ€™re covered year-round.

The Prestige has an additional perk: It cools and dehumidifies the space around the unit in the summertime. If you place the water heater in an attic or garage, it will cool the air as a side-effect of normal operations.


Rheem Prestige Hybrid Water Heater Benefits

Energy efficiency

  • Reduces costs by about $400 per year when compared to a conventional 50-gallon electric unit
  • ENERGY STAR rating


  • Fast delivery of hot water: 70 gallons for the first hour with a 50-gallon model; 78 gallons for the first hour with a 65-gallon model; 90 gallons for the first hour with an 80-gallon model
  • Best-in-class heat pump operation. The heat pump works with an ambient temperature range of 37-145 F. That means it runs most days here Southwest Washington and the Vancouver Metro area

Smart technology

  • LCD screen with a water sensor audible alert and leak detection
  • WiFi technology and a free mobile app put you in charge no matter where you are. Control modes, temperature and more from your smartphone or other mobile device

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