How to REALLY Clean Your Bathroom

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scrubbing bubbles

scrubbing bubblesGetting a bathroom clean takes work. However, a little (or a lot) of elbow grease does nothing without the proper cleaners, each designed for a specific surface. Read on for tips, techniques, and which cleaners to use on which surfaces.

Success Tip: Be sure to consult manufacturer details for exact uses and methods for each fixture.


Your sink catches toothpaste, facial hair, soap scum, and a variety of other problematic films and grime. Getting it clean, however, can be a breeze with the right cleaners. Get started with an all-purpose bathroom cleaner to remove film. Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover from Arm & Hammer is an excellent product for this purpose. Use abrasive or soft-scrub cleaners for hardened deposits, which rinse easily from ceramic surfaces, such as Lysol Tub & Tile.

Cleaners formulated with bleach, like Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Cleaner with Bleach, can help remove toothpaste dribbles and sanitize surfaces. However, using homemade cleaners can help keep your cleaning process healthy and green, minus the harsh chemicals. Baking soda and vinegar are both excellent choices.

Finally, use disinfecting spray, like Seventh Generation Bathroom Cleaner, on your fixtures and buff shiny with a fresh cloth. Windex is also excellent for shining fixtures, as well as clearing residue from your mirror.

Shower and Tub

Your shower can accumulate soap scum, bath oil, and mold and mildew that may seem impossible to remove. Fear not: with the right cleaners, you can remove the toughest grime. Spray a generous layer of all-purpose bathroom cleaner, such as Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Bathroom Cleaner with Bleach, in the tub and allow the product to stand while you clean other parts of the bathroom. This waiting time allows the cleaner to dissolve soap scum and oils so less work is required later. The same goes for a natural paste made of baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice, which should sit for a few minutes to absorb grease and soap scum.

Next, use an abrasive scrubber to remove rings in the bathtub or deposits on shower floors. Scrub tile grout in cracks and corners with the brush and use a toothbrush to remove buildup of deposits on tub fixtures.

Use your detachable shower head (if you have one) to rinse away the cleaner.


You knew this one would be a dusey! Cleaning your toilet requires more time than other parts of your bathroom, but don’t skimp. A clean toilet makes your bathroom fresh and inviting.

  • Put toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl: Let it stand for a few minutes, as this time allows the cleaner to work hard so you don’t have to. An inexpensive and very effective product is Comet Scouring Powder.

  • Use your bowl brush: Don’t have one? It’s time. Use a curved bowl brush to reach up and under the toilet rim to scour deposits.

  • Disinfect: Disinfecting spray can be used to spray toilet rims, seats and lids, tanks and the outside of the bowl. Check your label for the appropriate standing time, as antibacterial products require varied times of wet exposure to completely kill germs. Use cleaning cloths to wipe dry.

  • Around-the-toilet-drips: Think you’re done? If you live with anyone of the male persuasion, particularly young boys, or are one yourself, you know all about drips outside the toilet bowl. Use your disinfecting cleaner and toothbrush to remove residue and any remaining odor.

Fiberglass showers / Glass Doors

Fiberglass and glass shower doors require careful cleaning. Start with a nonabrasive cleaner such as Simple Green All-Purpose Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser, pine oil, or baking soda. Avoid cleaners that may be abrasive, including scrubbing pads, as they will only dull the finish. Use a full-strength white vinegar or a commercial product such as Simple Green Lime Scale Remover to rid your shower door of tough residue. While cleaning, open a window or turn on a fan for proper ventilation, to ensure that your skin and clothing remain protected while using these cleaners.

Cleaning your bathroom properly requires dedication and the right cleaning products. Planning time once a week will produce a beautiful, inviting space that is comfortable for both your family and guests.

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