Where should a laundry room be placed?

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Who says a laundry room has to be in the equivalent of a home’s hinterlands? So many laundry rooms are either in a dank basement or a dusty garage. How many people like trekking up and down stairs or even outdoors to a garage while carrying a heavy basket.

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How to Add a Laundry Room to your House?

Laundry rooms can be just about anywhere. Today’s washing machines are often shiny things of beauty. Don’t hide them away in the garage. If you do laundry frequently, it’s nice if the room is somewhere you like to spend time.

We can help you remodel or relocate a laundry room to make it both pleasant and functional. With better organization, who knows, you might even cut down on the time you spend washing.

Before you decide where to put a laundry room, consider your lifestyle. What makes the most sense for your family? Do you want the laundry to be out of sight, or is it OK if it spills over into living areas? Will the noise bother people who are sleeping, cooking or relaxing in front of the T.V.? These are all questions to answer before you think about where to locate a laundry room.

The Best Places for a Laundry Room

Here are a few options that may work for you:

In the kitchen

If you have room in the kitchen, tucking a washer and dryer under a counter isn’t a bad idea. Remodeling a kitchen to add laundry facilities makes multitasking easier. You can put in a load without leaving a pot to boil over. If the notion of laundry and cooking don’t mesh, consider a closet or room right off the kitchen.


You can convert an upstairs bonus room or spare bedroom into a laundry room. If your bedrooms are upstairs, having a laundry room nearby saves you from having to carry baskets up and downstairs.

In a hallway closet

Apartments and condos often tuck laundry hookups in a closet. Adding laundry to a hallway closet is a great way to maximize space and convenience.

In a mudroom

Placing a laundry room next to an entrance or mudroom has advantages. The kids can peel off dirty clothes right next to the machine. If you have athletes in the family, wet gear can get dumped as they return home. If someone in the family works at a dirty job (such as home repair or plumbing!), work clothes can be left near the washer instead making their way through the home.

In a bathroom

A laundry room in a bathroom can be convenient. Just like with the combination mudroom-laundry room, a washer and dryer in a bathroom are ideal for some lifestyles. Runners, cyclists, gardeners, and laborers all appreciate having a handy place to deposit dirty clothes before stepping into a shower.

The basement or garage

Sometimes the basement or garage is the best place to do laundry. Keep the location, but give the laundry area an update. Adding a sink, installing new machines, and remodeling for extra storage and better lighting will make the laundry room feel like new.

If your home needs a laundry room remodel, give Simpson Plumbing a call. We’re not only the leading plumbers in Vancouver WA, but we’re also expert home remodelers.

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