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spa-bathroomWith more and more people making the choice to stay in their homes and upgrade or renovate instead of selling, homeowners are on the watch for more comfortable, luxurious upgrades for their bathrooms. Escapism trends can be found in bathrooms that possess spa-like amenities and design. If you want to create a bathroom with allure, the following are a few ways to achieve your dream:

Inviting Tub

One of the standout features of a spa-like bathroom is a spacious bathtub, or an extravagant shower that goes above-and-beyond in terms of beauty and function. Showers that include sauna and steam room features make great additions to your home sanctuary.

Installing a contoured tub that fits your entire body or a tub with space for more than one person can make your bathing experience quite luxurious. If you enjoy whirlpools, look around for a jetted tub that is adjustable in jet direction and power.


Add some nice skylights to the bathroom that allow you to lie back in the tub and watch the clouds and stars outside. Another option is adding some replacement windows that are slightly larger than your original windows for a fresh new look. The additional light will do wonders for rejuvenating your soul. If you like more opulent lighting, think about adding a strip of lights on top of the mirror for some old-time allure. Add dimmer switches to the lights in the bathroom that enable you to lower lights with a simple touch of the switch.

Color Therapy

For years, the soothing properties of aromatherapy have been used in spa settings, but have you given any thought to chromatherapy? Chrome, or color, therapy, is a method of holistic healing that utilizes colors to create an environment that triggers an emotional response. Paint your walls a soothing color, like lavendar or sage, or shop for tubs and sinks that offer built-in lighting that changes color.

Heated Flooring

If you really want to go fancy, think about heated flooring. What feels better than stepping out of a soothing bubble bath and planting your feet on a warmed floor? Professional spas have heated floors, so why not you? With heated flooring, there’s never a chance of setting foot on anything that shocks your body. They come in handy on those frosty winter mornings as well. Don’t forget some heated towel racks for added warmth.

Of course, you have a lot of tiny details that can make your spa bathroom unique. Think about a lovely vessel sink, a nice woven basket to adorn your towels and a comfortable bench for resting. Select faucets that have a touch of luxury, like the ones that flow easily with the mere motion of your hand. Find the shower heads that offer massage therapy, radios you can install in the shower, and LCD screens you can easily disguise behind your bathroom mirrors.

If you don’t have the funds to add all of these amenities at once, start little by little. When it comes to investing in a spa-like bathroom, it’s the little things that count.

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