Simpson Plumbing: A Preferred Flo Installer

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How It Works

Simpson Plumbing is proud to be a Preferred Flo Installer. Our team has been certified to install Flo devices.  Whether you purchase from Simpson Plumbing, through your Insurance or Flo Technologies directly, we are able to install. If you purchase from Flo Technologies, you will be sent a device based on the questions answered about pipe size, access to power, and photos of your home’s main water supply line. Once you receive the Flo and connect it to your wifi through the app, you will be paired with a licensed plumber, such as Simpson Plumbing to install the device within your home. Flo will be installed on your main water line. 


What You Need for a Flo Install 

Before purchasing a Flo device, please make sure you have the following: 

  • Wifi
  • Power Supply (Standard 110 Outlet)
  • Smart Phone 

Flo must be connected to a power source (Standard 110) to be able to then pair with the Flo app on your phone. This is helpful to know in both cases — whether you’re buying Flo yourself or from Flo Technologies/Insurance. 

Flo by Moen App 

Moen’s app lets you see all kinds of data. It tracks your water usage, runs health tests, and can turn off your water shut off when you are away. Talk about the power of technology. The app is available for both Iphone and Android phone users, and can connect to other in-house systems like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Ring and more. 

Simpson Plumbing : Your Local Installer

Our team is here to make sure you get your Flo device installed smoothly and properly. And if you need any other kind of plumbing service in Southwest Washington or greater Portland, Oregon area, we’re here to help. We look forward to earning your business. Contact us today.

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