Living Through a Kitchen Renovation: Stay Home or Move Out?

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Yellow hard hats and small cart on concrete floor

Yellow hard hats and small cart on concrete floor

Now that you’ve made the decision to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, the question remains: Should you stay home or leave for the duration of the renovation process? Of course, the only ones who can answer this question is you and whomever you live with, but luckily there are a few questions to ask yourself that can help guide you in the right direction.

  • How big is the remodeling project? If you’re remodeling one of your two or three bathrooms, you’ll probably be able to live without the use of the one you’re having remodeled. However, if you are going to remodel your only bathroom or your kitchen, you may consider going somewhere more convenient. If you still choose to remain at home while your kitchen is being remodeled, be prepared to eat a lot of take-out food!

  • How much will you be bothered by the remodeling? Do you work from home or have small children? If so, it may behoove you to pack up and find another place to live while your home is being remodeled for the sake of your family’s safety and your work. If you’re the type of person who values privacy and quiet time, you probably won’t appreciate the noise and presence of workers day in and day out.

  • Do you have the money or resources to stay elsewhere? If you have the money and inclination to go stay at a hotel or sublet a home for the duration of your renovation, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Additionally, if you have friends or family to stay with, you don’t necessarily need a lot of extra money. However, if you’d rather stay put, there are many ways to cope with living at home during remodeling to lower the risk of injury or stress-related issues.

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