Summer is Here! Keep Water in Lakes & Out of the House

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Just like that, it’s officially summer! And no matter what your vacation plans look like, whether you’re keeping it local with trips to the farmer’s market or spending time in the great outdoors, we want you to have peace of mind that you won’t come back to any unwanted surprises; specifically water damage. 

If you don’t live in a flood zone, the likeliness of your home flooding due to natural causes is probably unlikely. However, that doesn’t mean your home is completely immune to floods or some sort of water damage. Some common causes for home floods include: 

  • Cracked or broken pipes (indoor and outdoor)
  • Leaky water heater
  • Faulty washing machine hoses
  • Worn or defective seals on plumbing pipes and fixtures
  • Toilets running and overflowing
  • Dishwashers (defective, broken, or just worn out)
  • Defective fixtures
  • Sprinkler lines

Not far fetched at all, right? Unfortunately, 37% of homeowners have suffered from water damage and it’s said that 98% of basements will experience some sort of water damage throughout their life. Now, the purpose of this blog is not to be grim whatsoever! Our goal is always to empower homeowners to take care of their home. So here are a few things know. 

Preventative maintenance is a very important component to taking care of the home. And it’s a big benefit of our Service Plan; designed to prevent plumbing disasters. It’s important to know what needs regular maintenance, as well as taking steps to ensure that.

Water Heaters: look at it! We know it’s usually tucked away and out of sight, but inspect it for rust at the top and make sure to drain and flush to maintain health and longevity. 

Pipes: insulating pipes during cold winters will prevent cracking, which easily turn into leaks. 

Leaks: wasteful and expensive just about sums it up. If you even think you may have a leak, it’s worth getting it inspected. We actually know of a device that will do some of that work for you and let you know when your plumbing needs your attention. 

FLO by Moen 

FLO by Moen, a smart water shut off deviceFLO by Moen, is a smart water shut off device that’s installed on your main water supply line and monitors all water activity. And perhaps the best part, is that you have access to all of this information on your phone through the FLO app. It can shut off water supply if it senses a leak and will notify you if there are areas that may be indicative of a leak forming. You can also shut the water off through the app. Impressive, we know! 

And it does much more which you can watch and learn here. 


Here To Help

Bottom line, this is a great way to prevent your home from flooding and paying thousands of dollars for water damage restoration. And we are offering $100 OFF an installation of these! Just call (360) 216-0899 and mention the offer. As always, we’re only a call away and are more than happy to help.  

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