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Tips on Removing and Replacing a Water Heater

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We’ve all been there. You’ve just hopped in the shower, ready to relax and take your own sweet time. Once a few minutes have passed by, however, your water starts to get freezing cold.

Your water heater is shot.

Nothing is more annoying than a water heater that no longer heats your water. Whether it has sprung a leak or reached the end of its natural life, sometimes it becomes more economical to replace the whole thing rather than repair parts. Here are some tips on what you should look out for when choosing a new unit and replacing it.

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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes and Fix Pipe Bursts in Vancouver WA

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An icicle hangs from an outdoor pipe.There’s nothing like a cozy wrap to keep out winter’s chill. That’s true whether you’re talking about people or pipes. Take steps now to protect your plumbing, ahead of the season’s first hard freeze, and you’ll avoid the damage of frozen pipes.

Camas and Vancouver, Washington generally have mild winters, but there are usually times each year when the mercury drops and pipes can freeze. Here’s what you need to know to keep pipes toasty and water flowing during cold weather, and if you’re seeing this post a little too late, what to do if your pipes burst.

Locate Vulnerable Pipes

The pipes that run through unheated areas of your home are the ones most likely to freeze. This includes pipes in exterior walls and plumbing that’s on the outside of buildings.

Wrap Exposed Interior Pipes

Take a look around the attic, crawl spaces, garage and other unheated sections of the house. If you see exposed pipes, they’ll need to be protected. Wrap foam pipe insulation on any exposed plumbing. Foam insulation is inexpensive, effective and easy to install. As an added bonus, the foam may reduce the cost of heating your water since it keeps your pipes and water a few degrees warmer.
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How to Calculate Drain Pipe Slope

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Laying drainage pipes is a job for professionals, but DIYers can try their hand at less extensive drainage systems.

Pipes must slope slightly downhill to drain properly. The standard slope is anywhere from ¼ inch to 3 inches per foot. An accurate calculation is essential for properly functioning plumbing. A pipe that doesn’t slope enough, won’t drain. A pipe that slopes too much drains water but not solids. If you’re installing a drain pipe, here’s an easy way to figure out the slope for a drain pipe.

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How to Save Money With a Heat Pump Water Heater

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How to Save Money With a Hybrid Water HeaterBecause heat pumps, also known as hybrid water heaters, are so well suited to the Pacific Northwest climate, many people in the Vancouver, WA metro areas choose these units for their homes and businesses. Heat pump water heaters are highly efficient units that pull warmth by compressing air flow and moving the heat to water. These systems are ideal  for mild winters to provide much-needed warmth, but to also save homeowners hundreds of dollars in utility bills. If you’re in the market for a new water heater, here’s what you need to know about heat pump models.

Heat pump water heater coupons, savings

These hybrid water heaters are 2-3 times more energy efficient than a conventional electric unit. If your water heater is more than 10 years old, you’ll likely save money on electric bills with any of the newer heaters, but especially with a hybrid model. Hybrid water heaters are eligible for tax credits, government rebates and special offers from Simpson Plumbing.

Here’s a rundown of the various discounts, rebates and tax credits for Pacific Northwest residents:

  • Rheem Hybrid Heat Pump water heater

    The Rheem hybrid heat pump water heater.

    Special Offers From Simpson Plumbing: We’re offering $100 off through the end of 2016 on all hybrid water heaters. Check out our current discounts here. We have discounts on standard and tankless water heaters, though these models don’t offer the same tax credits and government rebates.

  • Getting a Rebate If you Live in Clark County Washington: If you live in Vancouver, Camas or anywhere in Clark County, you can get a rebate on qualifying heat pump water heaters. The program offers a $300 rebate. Learn more by visiting Clark Public Utilities website.
  • Tax Credits and Incentives for Oregon Residents: Oregon residents can get a credit on their state income taxes when they purchase high-efficiency water heaters and other appliances. To learn more about these credits, visit oregon.gov.
  • Federal Tax Credits: The federal government also offers a tax credit on hybrid heat pump water heaters. The credit is for $300 when a qualifying water heater is installed by December 31, 2016. Learn more about federal tax credits here.

How do hybrid water heaters work?

Hybrid water heaters generally have 3-4 modes. This versatility ensures the units can provide sufficient hot water. Here are the most common settings:

  • Efficiency mode: In this mode water is heated only by the pump and compressor.
  • Electric mode: At this setting an electric element heats water. This mode is used during high demand or very cold weather.
  • Hybrid mode: When this is the default setting, the unit will use the system that is most energy efficient and effective at delivering hot water.
  • Vacation mode: Some models have a holiday setting, allowing the unit to pause when no one’s home.

Rheem Prestige Hybrid water heater

We at Simpson Plumbing recommend the Rheem Prestige Hybrid water heater. It can save your household up to $404 a year in operating costs. Over its lifetime, that could add up to around $4,000. At this rate, this hybrid model will pay for itself in about two years.

$100 off coupon for Rheem Hybrid Heat Pump

The Rheem Prestige helps you save all year. Winters in the Vancouver metro areas are rarely too cold for heat pump technology to handle. During those brief cold snaps, the electric system is there to ensure your family has enough water.

Contact Simpson Plumbing to speak to an experienced plumber about water heating options for your home or business.