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Hybrid heat pumps water heaters help you save money and energy. We recommend the Rheem Professional Prestige Hybrid Electric water heater. We’ve been installing Rheem water heaters for years. Our clients love the quality and efficiency of these units.

The Rheem Prestige Hybrid could save your household up to $404 a year in operating costs. Over its lifetime, that could add up to around $4,000. At those rates, the Prestige will pay for itself in about two years.

The Rheem Prestige comes with a 10-year warranty. These water heaters are virtually maintenance free, but if something goes wrong, it will likely be covered. Overnight delivery is available for most warranty parts.

We believe the Prestige Hybrid Electric is not only the most efficient water heater available but one that’s ideally suited for the climate in the Pacific Northwest. With this heat pump, you’ll never run out of hot water because it has a backup system.

How does the Rheem Prestige Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Work?

Heat pump water heaters work by moving heat. The unit pulls warm air in. It’s compressor raises the air temperature. The pump moves heat to the water in the tank. All heat pumps work like a refrigerator but in reverse.

The Prestige has a backup system. If air is too cold to compress, an electric heater is activated. The electric heater only comes on during times of high demand, such as when you have guests or when your family is using a lot of hot water at once.

Smart Technology Gives You Control at Home or Away

A free mobile app helps you control and monitor your Prestige Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater. Using the app and your smartphone, you can track water temperature, energy use and savings and keep an eye on the system when you’re away from home. While many people love this feature of the Prestige, it’s completely optional. The app is not required to run your water heater.

Heat Pumps Provide Four Seasons of Savings

The Rheem Prestige helps you save all year. Winters in the Vancouver area are rarely too cold for heat pump technology. During those brief cold snaps, the electric system is there to ensure your family has enough water.

The Prestige has an additional perk: it cools and dehumidifies the space around the unit. If you place the water heater in an attic or garage it will cool the air as a side-effect of normal operations.

Rheem Prestige Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Features


  • Reduces costs by about $400 per year when compared to a conventional 50-gallon electric unit
  • ENERGY STAR rating


  • Fast delivery of hot water: 70 gallons for the first hour with a 50-gallon model; 78 gallons for the first hour with a 65-gallon model; 90 gallons for the first hour with an 80-gallon model
  • Best-in-class heat pump operation. The heat pump works with an ambient temperature range of 37-145 F. That means it runs most days here Southwest Washington and the Vancouver, WA area.

Smart Technology

  • LCD screen with a water sensor audible alert and leak detection.
  • WiFi technology and a free mobile app put you in charge no matter where you are. Control modes, temperature and more from your smartphone or other mobile device.

Never Run Out of Hot Water

The Rheem Prestige Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater has five modes. With all these options, you’ll always have enough hot water.

  • Energy saver: Uses the most efficient method for heating water.
  • Heat pump: Heats water with the pump and compressor.
  • High demand: Adjusts to provide water during times of high use.
  • Electric: Comes into play when the weather is very cold or if demand is high.
  • Vacation mode: Puts your unit on hold while you’re away.

Vancouver Rheem Water Heater Installation

The Rheem Prestige water heater is an investment in your home. You’ll save money and energy while increasing the comfort of your family.

Simpson Plumbing has several special offers for water heaters. Government rebates in Washington and Oregon are available when you install a high-efficiency water heater.

Contact us to learn more about any of our high-quality water heaters.

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