Hot Water Heater Installation and Repair

Proper hot water heater repair is important for many reasons, not the least of which is your family’s safety. In addition, optimizing the performance of your hot water heater can also help reduce your energy bill.

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If you’re having problems related to an improper water heater installation or one that simply needs maintenance, choosing the right plumber makes all the difference in the world.

Schedule an appointment with one of our licensed technicians. With our knowledge of gas water heaters, electric water heaters, and tankless water heaters, your installation or repair can be handled in a timely manner.

If you’re in need of a new water heater, purchase one with Simpson Plumbing, or you can choose a supplier on your own call us to finish the job.

Simpson Plumbing specializes in water heater installation and repair. Schedule an appointment today to see why you can rely on us!


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