Prevent Those Winter Plumbing Problems In Your Central, Oregon Home

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Log cabin home under snow fall

Bend is a beautiful city in Central Oregon with much to offer to its visitors and locals in both summer and winter. It’s an especially popular destination during the winter holidays. So many welcome the New Year in a cozy cabin, surrounded by trees and snow. Whether you live in Bend, or have rentals there, it’s a good habit to winterize your plumbing. If plumbing is left vulnerable during the winter, there may be unfortunate surprises. We’re going to discuss how you can prevent and mitigate winter plumbing issues. 


What Happens When Pipes Freeze

Frozen pipes rarely just stay frozen; they burst. When water freezes, it expands and causes the water pressure to increase between the ice and closed faucet, often leading to a pipe burst. There are a number of reasons that contribute to pipes freezing including:

  • Exposed Pipes 
  • Poor Wall Insulation 
  • Old Piping 

How To Prevent Frozen Pipes 

Insulate Pipes

We recommend insulating any exposed pipes with foam. Here is a guide to walk you through it. If you have areas in your home that you know are more susceptible to the cold, it may be a good idea to add extra insulation. As for piping, anything with age gets worn out. So if you have old piping, your home is more likely to experience leaks and such. We’re here to help with that. 


Disconnect Hoses

Leaving hoses attached to hose bibs during the winter is a big culprit to pipes bursting. Trapped water inside of the hose bib can freeze, causing expansion and stress on the pipe, until it bursts. So, make sure you drain and disconnect all hoses from the spigots. And consider getting a frost free hose bib, designed to withstand the frosty temperatures. 


Flo by Moen

One of the most important things to know about your home is where the water shut off is located. In any water related emergency, the first course of action is to shut off the water to prevent more damage. But what if something happens while you’re not at home or someone is renting your property? That’s why there’s Flo. 

Flo functions as an automatic water shut off and is installed on the main water line. If it senses any abnormal activity, it will shut off the water. It’s a relief to know that if even when you’re gone, your plumbing is looked after. And should anything happen, damage will be mitigated, saving you thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Learn more about Flo.


Plumbing Services in Bend, OR

Some need friends, some need plumbers, just know that you have a friendly plumber in us! Our team is ready to serve your plumbing needs. We’ve been in business since 1981 and have skilled professionals at your service. Contact us today if you need any help. 


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