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Yes, We Handle Commercial Sump Pumps!

sump pump installation and repair

Finding friendly, expert professional sump pump service is an important part of protecting the value of many commercial properties. Sump pumps are the last line of defense that homes and businesses have against flooding. They pump water out of basements and cellars as it accumulates in a sump pit, ensuring that other below-ground areas remain…

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How to Maintain Your Outdoor Plumbing

Hose Bib - outdoor plumbing installation and repair

If your home has an outdoor plumbing system to provide water for sprinklers, irrigation projects, ponds or fountains, you may be wondering what types of maintenance must be performed in order to keep things flowing smoothly. While running water from your home to your outside land can sometimes prove easier than indoor plumbing efforts because…

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3 High-Efficiency Fixtures That Save Money

piggy bank

The average American family uses about 30 gallons a day for showering, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Installing a single high-efficiency showerhead could save the typical household 2,900 gallons and $70 annually, the EPA says. Add the savings from other high-efficiency fixtures such as bathroom faucets and toilets, multiply the total over several years,…

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How to Keep a Commercial Grease Trap Clean

commercial kitchen plumbing installation

Commercial kitchens, whether they are in restaurants, schools or large gathering places, are required to install grease traps on outgoing drain pipes. This prevents large amounts of fat, oil and grease from getting into the municipal wastewater lines. Why is that important? Deposits of cold oil or grease can really do a number on pipes,…

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Is Copper Piping Worth the Extra Penny?

copper pipe installation and replacement

Does your home need new pipes? Are you wondering if copper is the best material for your plumbing? Copper pipes have been around for decades. They’re common in houses built after about 1960. Copper pipes remain a good choice in certain circumstances, but plastic pipes have an advantage in other cases. Plastic pipes such as…

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What is Trenchless Technology?

trenchless plumbing demo

Trenchless Applications for Plumbing Projects Trenchless technology refers to the advanced methods for doing underground work without having to dig everything up. Instead, they use largely high-tech equipment to go in from just a few key access points, and do the work mostly horizontally. In this way plumbers can replace, rehabilitate, or repair pipes without…

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Living Through a Kitchen Renovation: Stay Home or Move Out?

Yellow hard hats and small cart on concrete floor

Now that you’ve made the decision to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, the question remains: Should you stay home or leave for the duration of the renovation process? Of course, the only ones who can answer this question is you and whomever you live with, but luckily there are a few questions to ask yourself…

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