Plumbing setup with Simpson Plumbing, including sewer repair for the home.

Sewer Repair: When Should I Call A Plumber?

Most people can handle the occasional clogged toilet or shower drain themselves. It’s great if you’re handy with tools and can replace a clogged sink aerator or a faucet washer to stop leaks. Making small do-it-yourself repairs is tempting to save money when it comes to sewer repair. However, when you get in over your…

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re-piping home in bend, or

Historic Homes in Vancouver, WA: Common Plumbing Problems?

Many of Vancouver’s neighborhoods were built at the turn of the 20th century, and the plumbing systems present unique challenges to homeowners. Old pipes and plumbing fixtures can create major headaches as outdated pipes are comprised of materials long abandoned by modern home builders. Older neighborhoods, such as Officer’s Row, Carter Park and much of…

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