What You Need To Know About Hybrid Water Heaters And Saving Money

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Save money and water with a hybrid water heater

Need a new water heater? If yes, this is for you! If not, well, you’ll probably need one down the road so it’ll still be good to know this information. Learn how you can start saving money and energy and what resources are available for you! 

Heat Pump Water Heaters (aka Hybrids)

Heat pump water heaters are known to be perhaps the most efficient water heaters. They pull heat from the surrounding area and heat the water within the tank. This saves a significant amount of energy since they’re using the heat from outside to heat the water, instead of using energy to generate heat itself (like standard water heaters). It is also worth mentioning that heat pump water heaters are also known as hybrid water heaters. A lot of vocabulary gets circulated around, so for your convenience, just know that HPWH (heat pump water heaters) and hybrid water heaters are the same and can be used interchangeably. 

Benefits of Heat Pump Water Heaters

Energy Savings: We mentioned how efficiency and significant savings come from the fact that the HPWH uses outside air to heat the water versus using electricity. And because it does so, it also cools the space that it’s in. So, during the summer when you have AC running, you won’t have to worry about costs incurred for spaces that you’re not using often (basement, garage, etc.).

Installation: The installation for HPWHs is very similar to others, while tankless water heaters often need new venting, gas lines, and more. So if you’re looking for less hassle, this is a great choice.

Other Details to Consider

You may be thinking, what’s the catch? None really. Just various factors that are important to remember when considering a hybrid water heater. 

Space: Hybrid water heaters are larger than others, so you need to make sure that you have the space for it. It generally won’t fit in a small closet, where some people might have theirs. 

Cost: Fact is, these water heaters are more expensive. However, they can save you an average of $300 per year. Not only will that help you recuperate your investment, but it also saves energy. 

Good News: There’s a Rebate

Clark Public Utilities offers a $150 rebate for qualified Tier 1 Heat Pump Water Heaters, a $300 rebate for Tier 2, 3, and 4 HPWHs installed in new construction or those replacing electrical storage water heaters in homes. The Clark Public Utilities website offers a list of what qualifies you for a rebate. 

You may be wondering what qualifying Tier 1, 2, 3, 4 HPWHs are. The answer is simple. These are various water heater brands and models divided between tiers. The Clark Public Utilities has a list of these that you can view to help you determine what to look/ask for. To qualify for a rebate, the hybrid water heater you get installed would need to be on this list

We’re Here To Help

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